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My route

A long distance
In the past I cycled a lot of long distances and I knew my body. Now I do not know that anymore. I try to drive about 150 km per day where I take a day's rest after every 5 days. This results in the enormous distance I want to cover 80 * 125 km = 10,000 km.

and a nice route
Everyone knows that feeling when you finally plan that beautiful journey. Where shall we go...  

Route kl

Jun 28


At 10:00 am at Boksheide 28. The start in my current place of residence.Alderman Tönissen and the director of the Parkinson association Mrs C. Aalderink will be present at the departure, as well as many friends, family, neighbors, the people of the physio (Vital) and my team. 
I will be traveling for 3 months. You are very welcome to be present.

Jun 28


At noon at Bistro La Moer. A mix of Brabant and French cosiness. 
Rob Barel runs along with his wife Cora from here all day long. Rob is the biggest triathlon champion in the Netherlands. 
Again, there are many family members, friends (for example the Knopenlopers) and acquaintances present and you are also very welcome.

Jun 29 Bergschen corner 
The residence of Tirza, my wife. We got married on June 15, 2018. I leave at 10:00 am 
Also the children (Kim, Thom, Micki and Renee) live in the neighborhood. We have invited the neighbors here, but everyone is welcome at De Olmen. Mrs. Stokvis represents the municipality of Lansingerland.

Jun 29 Pijnacker-Nootdorp 
Saving goodbye

At 11:00 am I arrive at the Parade Shopping Center in Nootdorp on the Paradeplein. Alderman Peter Hennevanger will receive me and shoot me there. Interviews with a number of journalists. A number of Nootdorp pedals will accompany me on the bike. Orange association Nootdorp helps, the Jumbo makes some bubbles available. There are macarons. I expect some people from TRIP, the RunBike Run and De Uitdaging, etc. 
Again, there are many family members, friends and acquaintances present and you are also very welcome.

Jun 29 Dordrecht

Between 13:30 and 14:00 I arrive at Stevensweg 79a. 
There the trike, which I temporarily used, will be exchanged for a brand new one from the factory of HP Velotechnik. 
The whole afternoon will then continue to be used to further build and adjust the Scorpion FS 20 by  Maia Mobiliteit , the sponsor of my recumbent bike.

Jun 30


Ruud will be present with the completely new trike at the Fietsfestijn Damplein from 10:00 on the Damplein in Dordrecht. 
Be welcome and enjoy the many beautiful bikes. 
Ruud is send off at 11:00 o'clock by Alderman Rik van de Linden.

Jul 21

Santiago de Compostela

Click here for the trip details of the trip from Eersel to Santiago de Compostela 2.451
Jul 27 Lisbon

The city where my brother Erwin lives. Hopefully he and Gene are at home. Smile 
Trip details will follow

Aug 3 Gibraltar Trip details click will follow 3.985
14 Aug. Barcelona In the neighborhood of Barcelona I will meet Thom, my son and drink a beer with him. We are about half of the journey. 
Trip details will follow
Aug. 28 Ljubjana

Trip details will follow

08 Sep. Tirana Albania, a beautiful country where I was already on holiday 2 years ago. 
Trip details will follow
15 Sep. Athens Trip details will follow 10,000

* Estimate because you never know what you encounter along the way.

If on 15 September the time is up, I will travel back and on  18 September 2018 Liberation Day in Eindhoven I will be  back home in Eersel.


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