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About me

Who am I
My name is Ruud Overes and I am 56 years old. One year ago I was was diagnosed with Parkinson's. At that time I was program manager at Philips Healthcare. That job was perfect for me: Complex, dynamic, international, energetic, very visible. However, the last active half year was a torture. As I discovered there was a reason, but at that moment it was very frustrating. Many will recognize the symptoms: I was physically and mentally unable to work. What bothered me the most was my poor short-term memory and that I am no longer stress-resistant. I slept 16 hours a day at that time.

However, all the disadvantages come with an advantage (to mis-quote Johan Cruijff). I suddenly had a lot of spare time and I started to exercise and I set new goals. I became physically stronger again. Slowly a part of the extreme fatigue disappeared. Unfortunately, the cognitive part remained frustratingly bad.



Voorlopig zijn alle activiteiten opgeschort tot 01 juni. We proberen gereed te zijn als we weer vrij kunnen ademhalen. Parkinson2Beat wenst iedereen veel gezondheid, wijsheid en sterkte en natuurlijk ook een beetje geluk.

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Amsterdam - Meer weer in Altijd jouw weer

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