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Big bike tour 2019 - Day 04 - Arnsberg - Coburg

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Date   30th of July
Departure   Arnsberg early depends on train. Look at free DB app
Train details  

Prize €41,90

08:07 from Gleis 1 to Essen-Steele --> 5 min to change train
08:25 Gleis 103 to Wuppertal Hbf--> 7 min to change train
09:14 Gleis 1 to Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf --> 13 min
11:02 Gleis 4 to Frankfurt (Main) HBf --> 17 min
11:30 Gleis 7 to Bamberg --> 22 min
14:54 Gleis 4 to Coburg
Coburg at 15:18

Visit Klinikum   Prof dr Johannes Kraft
We meet at 16:00 hour at our hospital, address: Ketschendorfer Strasse 33, Coburg.  My building is a castle like yellow house, build about 1860, directly behind the parking house of the Coburg clinic. Our day clinic/ambulances and therapy area is located at floor 4. The name of our center is: Fachklinik für Geriatrie und Rehabilitation.
Distance   Around 30 km by bike. Remainder by train
GPX   From Heike to station and from station first a round tour and than to Astrid. Or visit Klinikum Johannes Kraft. Prins Andrea
Dinner   At Astrids place if they are at home Or maybe with Johannes Kraft / Prins Andreas 
Astrid Zels-Kemler

Falkeneggstr. 65
96450 Coburg
Tel. 09561/7334294 oder

A short message will be good.

    Beautifull mountain and beautifull nature
Route   Take 'blue' route



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